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AIR – The only social media keyboard for iPhone

Founded in 2014 by Nathan Oshidari and Troy Spracklin, Bubbl Technology is a private mobile technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. Bubbl is dedicated to developing user experience-driven mobile apps that enable fast, effective messaging and expression.

Bubbl Technology Inc.

Keyboards are hot lately. Microsoft bought one earlier this month for a quarter of a billion dollars, and then released another just yesterday.   Full Story

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AIR for iPhone offers a bunch of useful content creation and sharing features for social media addcits (or, I guess, marketers) …  Full Story

The Team

Troy is a serial entrepreneur and self admitted vinyl junkie but his real claim to fame is design.  Software design, product design, UI, UX … all of it.  For 20+ years Troy has been applying & perfecting his trade in industries from Automotive to Energy, Aerospace to Sub-Sea to present with Tech and Mobile.

Troy Spracklin


Nathan Oshidari


Nathan was born and raised in the shadows of Apple headquarters near Cupertino, California, a true Silicon Valley native and son of an engineer who helped build the foundations of today’s ubiquitous mobile network. From owning an Apple IIe and a Mac Classic as a youngster it was all but inevitable that he would go on to study computer science and computer engineering a few hundred miles south at UCLA.  

A Marketing grad at BC Institute of Technology and son of a past Chief Marketing Officer at TELUS, needless to say Colin has marketing in his blood. He’s been at it now for 15+ years working with enterprise businesses and start-ups.

Wayne Goodrich

Strategic Advisor

From those early days at UCLA logging on to the Internet pre ‘WWW’ through a state of the art 14.4 baud modem, Nathan’s career path directly followed the growth of the web and eventually mobile network explosion.  Starting at Sun Microsystems he was architecting highly scalable web portals to offer individualized content experiences to every user.  Followed by Genuity where he was architecting cloud computing way before the world knew there was such a thing.  Then to Gomez (now part of Compuware) the application performance monitoring pioneer where he learned the value of low latency to the user experience.  The next transition was into the e-commerce world of lead generation and conversion optimization which became all about design and optimizing workflow which is the essence of where we now are with AIR.

Oh, and there were also a few years there between Gomez and optimizing ecommerce sites where Nathan helped start a company called Axiotron that brought the Modbook, the world’s first tablet Mac to market which Apple bestowed with the extremely rare and highly coveted “Proprietary Solutions Provider” designation.  The Modbook won a “Best of Show” award at the same Macworld that the iPhone was first revealed.  The Modbook is actually what brought Nathan and Troy together for the first time.  

His marketing career started at TELUS where he held numerous roles in Internet Services, marketing this new service called ADSL. From there, Colin joined a small team creating the first news, sports and entertainment portal in Western Canada called myBC.com. This quickly grew into a national portal serving millions of Canadians daily. Colin crafted web channel strategies for TELUS, ran a web transformation project, and held roles in channel management and communications – his real world MBA was complete.

Following TELUS, Colin jumped into the online gaming world where he recruited, hired and lead a team of SEO specialists and Internet marketing experts running Pokerlistings, a global affiliate network of lead generation websites (25 sites in total). Then, after a few stops with Canpages/Yellow Media launching new mobile applications, and marketing new online services, Colin found a new home as VP Marketing at VidWrx, a North America-wide online video marketing and production agency. Here, he helped agencies and enterprise businesses integrate video marketing strategies, launched new video marketing platforms and oversaw all communications, lead generation, and content marketing for the company.

The AIR Social Keyboard, Bubbl’s first initiative, is the world’s first and only social media keyboard for content marketers, bloggers, social media specialists, and everyone who shares content via iphone and ipad. AIR connects to social networks and address books giving users immediate access to content, contacts and friends. It makes content creation beautiful, fast and fun!

A new entant into the market is called AIR, dubbing itself as “the first and only social media keyboard”. Their focus is on making creating, editing and sharing content to social media easier and faster … Full Story

Troy’s design career started in Tier 2 automotive supply where he specialized in ergonomic design and concept prototyping for the Cadillac STS platform. Later he moved to a role as design supervisor for GM Diesel Division in London, ON, designing locomotive cabs working and with GM LAV manufacturing Light Armored Vehicles. But the cold winters weren’t for him.

Seeking a better climate, Troy made the move to BC taking a role with Ballard Power Systems where he lead the portable design group and collaborated with the manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cells. He then got his feet wet working at OceanWorks International where he was responsible for the design and support of atmospheric diving suits and submarine rescue systems. With that under his belt, in 2001 Troy decided it was time to do his own thing, founding and operating Switch Computers, an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider. Switch was acquired by Canada’s largest Independent reseller late 2007. 

And here we are … on the brink of something truly big with Bubbl Technology and AIR, the world’s first social keyboard for iPhone and iPad.

Now with Bubbl, Colin oversees Marketing of AIR – the world’s first social keyboard for iPhone and iPad.

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Enter tech and mobile … Troy founded Edge Health Solutions where he conceived and developed the first CCHIT Certified Electronic Health Record for Mac and designed and developed EdgeDMS, the first touch based Perio Charting solution for iPad.

Then came Pixsel, an image based local marketplace platform that allows users to easily publish and manage their listings to compete with Craigslist. On the side, Troy even managed to design and launch the lego-inspired Mini Mi APP and it’s 3,805,928,543,217,530,000,000 configurations (really). 

Colin Osing


As one of Steve Jobs’ closest confidants on Apple’s, Pixar’s, and NeXT’s historic keynote presentations, Wayne served as the Executive Producer for over one hundred events, particularly focused on coordinating the marketing aspects between his presentation and the rest of the contributors from the organizations.

During his 17-year tenure at Apple, the product launch was transformed into grand theater. Wayne’s particular forte was to ensure brand and messaging consistency across product lines, theater production, scripts, demonstrations, and tenor. In addition, he was the sole resource for the CEO with regards to maintaining a cadence between launch events—within and across companies.

As one of the best creative marketing talents in the industry, Wayne now advises creative agencies and technology start-ups like Bubbl and AIR, the world’s first social media keyboard, on product roadmaps, user interface design, marketing, business development, and of course, launch planning.